How to Download PC Games?

Watch Video on Youtube!

  • Goto the search box of website Or find your game at Games list.
  • Open the post and visit button of the game post.
  • Click on the “Click Here to Download” link to Visit Links Page.
  • Click on “Download Now” a green download button and than wait for 3 to 4 secs.
  • In the end, download your game from TheFileslocker! That’s it

44 thoughts on “How to Download PC Games?

  1. when I run FIFA 15 and choose the French flag, the game does not start. on the other hand the other flags work. help me please

  2. Steam is required to run this game……
    please my problem is solved……
    Help me bro please solved my problem

  3. When i open the folder of truck and logistics simulator im unable to find the apk file pls help me te rectify my problem


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